Pragmatic Systems provides an independent review of your business or organisation and then will proposes practical and affordable solutions. In most cases our clients have the necessary infrastructure, people and software - all that's needed is focus, planning and better utilisation of existing people and assets and then some fine tuning of the IT resources.

As an independent consultant, we will work with you to determine your current and future business needs. We will assess options and advise the most appropriate and practical way to approach and implement these solutions, including better utilization of your current assets. PB can also facilitate or assist you to develop custom applications and then implement these systems.

Examples of some of our recent engagements include:

  • Development and customisation of Recruitment software
  • Scoping and development of international logistics management software
  • Development of customised financial reporting tools and dashboards
  • Design and development of online product management and ordering system.
  • Development of Sophisticated Product Pricing Models
  • Development of Multiple Currencies Credit Card processing Systems
  • Performance Monitoring data collection and (KPI) reporting

How can we help you

If you are interested in a confidential discussion on how Pragmatic Systems can help your business please contact us and we'll be in touch to arrange an appointment.

It may be the best business decision you'll ever make.