Often off-the-shelf software either doesn't fit the way you work or none exists that matches your business needs. You need a solution tailored to fit your exact requirements and for this you need an experienced software development company.

Your Business Challenge is Unique!

Our team of technology specialists combine to provide expertise in a variety of technologies to find the solution that best-fits your business challenges, ensuring optimised integration with current practices.

  • Ensure you get exactly what your organisation needs
  • Streamline your business-as-usual processes
  • Ensure integration with your current best-practice processes and solutions
  • Ensure maximum re-use of your current infrastructure
  • Provide you with a competitive advantage

No matter your challenge, Pragmatic Systems can help your business develop the solution that best-fits the requirement space and ensure your competitive advantage.

Integrated solutions

The key to an optimised engine is every part working smoothly together - we focus on ensuring your best practices interact seamlessly together and the right information gets to the right people.

Web and eCommerce solutions

Pragmatic Systems, together with our Solutions Partners, provides a full range of Web development services to help you engage your clients with an optimal online presence.

  • Website Development
  • Content Management Systems (Joomla)
  • e-Commerce Solutions
  • SEO and SEM (search engine optimisation and marketing)

Our highly qualified team of web development specialists utilise the latest technologies to ensure your website and online presence sets you as a leader in your market.

Portal solutions

Want to support a seamless remote, mobile and active team? A Portal could be the solution you're looking for!

We have had great success helping businesses of all sizes dramatically improve productivity by introducing Portals to facilitate the sharing and flow of information through-out the company and with their customers and partner businesses.

Software-as-a-Service solutions

Provide your own subription based service on the web - Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, is a great way to offer a unique business solution to a large audience of people.

Examples of SaaS services include C3 Recruitment, Xero Accounting, Facebook and Twitter.

Tools and frameworks

We employ a variety of tools and software frameworks depending on what the solution requires - we believe in finding the best tool for the job.

  • HTML, PHP, CodeIgniter, Joomla (CMS), Ajax, Jquery, Jquery-ui, jQuery extensions, Javascript, CSS
  • JSP, JSF, Richfaces, MyFaces, Tomahawk, Java, JavaEE, Spring, Hibernate
  • ASP, C#, .Net, Microsoft Office Tools
  • MySQL, SQL-Server, Oracle

How can we help you

If you are interested in a confidential discussion on how Pragmatic Systems can help your business please contact us and we'll be in touch to arrange an appointment.

It may be the best business decision you'll ever make.