At Pragmatic Systems we provide advice, consulting and software development services, focussing on practical and pragmatic technology solutions for your business.

Our goal is to improve your strategies and business processes with a view to better meeting your objectives.


Pragmatic Systems was conceived in September 2008 with our flag-ship product C3 Recruitment Manager.


We are finding more and more interest in our 'Software-as-a-Service' products, C3 Recruitment and HR Managers, and feel that this along with emerging technologies like cloud computing, indicate the movement to a more affordable end solution.

As such we are investigating other industries that can benefit from similar products.

Along this line we are currently engaged in the development of iCare, a Home Care Lifestyle service that facilitates the seeking and engaging of home care professionals with people requiring their services, providing each with a set of tools for managing their administration needs.

Solutions Partners

While too many cooks spoil the broth we feel that a kitchen full of skilled chefs specialising in different areas can whip up a storm.

If you are interested in a Solutions Partner please call contact us and we'll be in touch to arrange an appointment.

How can we help you

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