Consulting and Technology Solutions

Founded on the merge of Business Consulting and Technology Solutions development, Pragmatic Systems will provide a solution to meet your needs, ensuring optimised integration with your best practices.

This product, available as a service, brings together all the functions of recruitment and management of contract staff and timesheets in an efficient, simple to use and effective management system.

Providing a broad-range of easy-to-use tools, C3 will help you streamline your workflow and enhance relationships with clients and candidates.

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Most managers are provided reams of reports and tabular data slowing them down with having to search for revelant key indicators.

We have developed a methodology to help indentify the key infomration and present visually to allow managers to focus on what's important for th business and what is going to provide a return.

We have developed solutions for clients across a variety of market sectors and countries. We work with start-up concepts and existing businesses to import business systems, effectiveness and in turn reduce costs.